Yeldon key for Bama in Sugar Bowl, and beyond

T.J. Yeldon is a man of many yards and few words, which so far has suited third-ranked Alabama well.

After Thursday night's Sugar Bowl against No. 11 Oklahoma, though, some of the program's leaders, namely quarterback AJ McCarron, will be leaving school. Then Yeldon will likely become the face of the Crimson Tide.

McCarron calls Yeldon "an unbelievable back" who's done a lot for the Crimson Tide in two seasons. He says Alabama will soon need Yeldon "to talk more, step up and be in a little more of a leadership role."

This season, Yeldon inherited the starting role when Eddie Lacy turned pro, and Yeldon gained 1,163 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Yeldon likely will be a candidate for next season's Heisman Trophy, but says he doesn't think about that.

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