Young male ballet dancer earns spot in New York City

Meet 14-year-old Carter Holder.

His instructor, David Keener says a young talent such as Carter, doesn't come along often.

"His talent and his improvement have been very obvious from year to year. He's only fourteen, but he's quite a talented young man," says Keener. "It's rare, I have to keep reminding myself that he's only going to be in ninth grade."Carter came to Alabama School of Fine Arts through the dance-prep program.

His skill and ability earned him a spot with the American Ballet Theatre in New York City, as an ABT scholar. Other young male dancers are following Carter's path.

12-year-old Will Findley will attend ASFA's dance school in the fall.

Findley actually got to shadow Carter last year"I thought it was great, it was just so fun and so creative and nice," says Findley.

His mother, Catherine says the possibilities are endless. "His teachers and friends were so supportive, it's not something many young men go into, but there's some fantastic opportunities for the ones that do," she says.

Carter Holder will continue to work through the summer at the American Ballet Theatre. He's expected to return home this fall, but there's always the possibility of the ABT wanting him to stay on.