Your Health 1-14-13 Marriage may lengthen life

Alarming news for folks who are in their midlife and not married.

New research suggests that being single during midlife appears to raise the risk for premature death.

The study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine reveals that people entering midlife single are facing more than twice the risk of dying early than people who are in a permanent partnership.

Similarly, folks who had previously been married but were no longer married when entering midlife were also found to face a relatively elevated risk for death.

Duke University Medical Center researchers suggested that "chronic loneliness" could be one key element, among others, driving the mortality boost.

The study included almost 5000 men and women, 82% were all white men.

Critics believe this message can be harmful people who are single due to divorce or death of a spouse. They point to the lack of ethnic and socioeconomic diversity in the study. #