Your Health: 1-21-13 Sleep deprivation weighs on spouse

If you make it a practice of getting a lack of sleep, consider avoiding sleep deprivation, if not just for your health then, think of your loved ones.

Experts now tell us{}if you feel under-appreciated by your spouse, it may be because he or she isn't getting enough sleep.

This is the finding of two new University of California, Berkeley experiments involving more than{}120 couples with participants ranged in ages from 18 to 56.

In one experiment, 60 couples kept a diary of their sleep patterns and how the quality of their sleep affected their appreciation of their partner.

In the other experiment, 60 couples were videotaped as they did problem-solving tasks.

UC Berkeley psychologists found that people who had slept poorly the previous night showed less appreciation for their partner.

Psychologist, Amie Gordon says, the findings suggest that poor sleep might make it harder for people to count their blessings and value their partners.{} {}