Your Health 10-31-12: Blood vessels and fast-food breakfast sandwiches

Here is news that may put a halt to your favorite fast food breakfast sandwich.

Certainly we hear that fast food isn't the most healthiest of foods for breakfast compared to a healthier choice such as yogurt and a banana.

A new study suggests that your fast-food breakfast sandwich has an immediate negative effect on your blood vessels.

The study by researchers at the University of Calgary's Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta examined what happens in the blood vessels after someone eats a high-fat, high-salt meal.

The researchers recruited 20 healthy people, with an average age of 23, to undergo tests that measure how efficiently blood travels through the vessels in their forearms.

Some students fasted while others ate two fast-food breakfast sandwiches of ham, cheese and egg with 25 grams of fat and 450 calories, and then the groups switched.

Researchers explained that the blood vessels of those who ate two breakfast sandwiches worked less efficiently two hours after the meal,compared to the participants who hadn't eaten recently.

The doctor added that there was a decrease in the ability of the small vessels of the forearm to dilate and generate blood flow.#