Your Health 11-15-12 Heathcare associated infections report

Alabamians now have access to information on infections in hospitals across the state.

A new report, published by the Alabama Department of Public Health, provides hospital-specific infection data for several types of infections.{}

It is called the Healthcare Associated Infections report with information as{}reported by the state's hospitals.

State Health Officer, Dr. Donald Williamson says, the law requiring hospital infection reporting was passed in 2009 with cooperation from Alabama's hospitals, ADPH, and the state's legislature.

Dr. Williamson says, the report will be helpful in continuing to decrease the rate of healthcare-associated infections in our state.

ADPH along with an advisory council suggested the following categories of infection: surgical site infections of the colon and abdomen, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and central line-associated blood stream infections.

Dr. Williamson added, "While this report is important and helpful, it should not be used as the sole factor in the selection of a hospital."

The healthcare associated infection report can be found at