Your Health: 11-19-12 ADHD and age

{} {}{}{}{}{}A new study suggests that a child's immaturity could lead to unnecessary attention deficit disorder treatment.

{}{} {}{}{}{}The new research suggests that some children are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), if they're among the youngest in their grade and when they're just less mature than their peers.

{}{}{}{} The Mount Sinai School of Medicine{}researcher{}says, "Educators and health-care providers should take children's ages in relation to their{}classmates into account when evaluating academic performance and other criteria for ADHD diagnosis."

{}{}{}{}{} Earlier this year, a Canadian study found that more boys ages 6 to 12 were diagnosed with ADHD, if they were the youngest in their grade levels: the percentages were 7.4 percent among the youngest boys and 5.7 percent among the oldest.