Your Health: 11-19-12 Teens and muscle enhancers


Parents need to pay attention to how teenagers achieve their goals of working out and staying in shape.

More teens are using muscle enhancing products.{}

A study published in the medical journal, Pediatrics found that six percent of teen boys admitted to using steroids.

And one out of three reported using protein-powders to build muscle mass.

Researchers say health care providers should discuss the dangers of using these substances with athletes.

Registered Dietician, Kate Patton says, "Educate them on what the protein sources are in their diet because you do get

protein, not just from meat and dairy and animal products and eggs, but you're

also getting them from whole grains, starches give you a little bit of protein,

vegetables give you a little bit of protein."

{}The study also found that girls used protein powders and shakes.{} Nearly five-percent said they had used steroids.