Your Health: 11-21-12 Warning for diabetic airline passengers

{}If you know someone who's diabetic and they plan to travel by air during the holidays, you need to{}pass this news on to them.

Full body X-ray scanners and luggage X-rays may damage some insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, both used by many people with diabetes to manage their conditions.

This is according to an editorial in the journal, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.

Experts say the large number of travelers who expose their diabetes care devices to X-rays while going through airport security may unknowingly experience mild malfunctioning as a result or worse.

{}In that editorial, experts at the University of Colorado Denver recommend diabetics carry a letter that details all of the medical supplies someone with diabetes needs to carry on board with them.

They also recommend that if someone wears an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitors, the letter specifically state that these devices shouldn't be subjected to X-rays, either from a full body scanner or the X-ray machine that scans carry-on luggage. Instead, these devices should be hand-checked.