Your Health: 12-03-12 Flu starting early

Fever, body aches, congestion, or simply not feeling good.

Health officials say flu season is off to its earliest start in nearly 10 years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says suspected flu cases have jumped in five southern states - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

Doctors and nurses at Children's of Alabama South are beginning to see more people with flu-like symptoms.

Experts say, if a fever lasts longer than one day call the pediatrician. However, use comfort measures and treat the symptoms to help your child feel better.

Barbara Lovvorn/ Director of Specialty Care Services of Children's of Alabama South says, "Do Tylenol and Motrin to help with fever, discomfort, body aches, the feeling bad. If you can hydrate yourself or your child, that will make you feel better sooner definitely."

Lovvorn says be patient, a persistent fever could take two to three days to break, just continue the comfort measures and call your pediatrician.

She reminds us to wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer gel to get the germs off after touching anything including doors, money, and people who sick.