Your Health: 2-14-13 Healthy relationship

Are you in a healthy relationship?

Are you compatible?

Is it really working or are you just going with the flow of things.

Psychologists say a healthy relationship thrives, not just survives.

A big question many people may ponder on this day of love.

How do you know when to fix the relationship or get out of it?

Experts say, your answer lies within your first instincts and specific tell-tale signs.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Keith Abrams of Grayson and Associates says "I think another telltale sign of is if you feel like you are consistently putting a lot more in the relationship than you're getting out of it. Is it no longer an equitable affair. And I think another sign is when one person seems to be making all of the efforts trying to improve the relationship and the other partner is not investing equally or is at all involved in that."

Again Dr. Abrams say tune into your own instincts.

He also lends a tip or two for a healthy relationship.

Dr. Abrams lends a tip to a healthy relationship. He says make a constant effort to communicate directly, and never stop teaching each other and asking to be taught and ask for what you want.