Your Health 2-26-13 Mediterranean diet and your heart

      {}{}The Mediterranean diet gets another heart health win.

      New medical research in Spain suggests eating a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with red wine, helped those at high risk for cardiovascular problems avoid heart trouble better than those eating a low-fat diet.

      {}A five year study of participants on a Mediterranean diet {}indicated a 30 percent greater reduction in relative risk of a heart attack, stroke or death from cardiovascular disease.

      Researchers say "The low-fat diet also helped, but to a lesser degree."

      Doctors explain the Mediterranean diet seems to boost heart health probably because of the combination of good-quality fats -- both monounsaturated like olive oil and polyunsaturated like vegetable oils -- and the wide range of other nutrients.

      The new findings appear in the online New England Journal of Medicine.