Your Health: 2-26-13 School zero-tolerance policies

Some children health experts say no to school zero-tolerance policies.

They say zero-tolerance policies toward kids behavior problems do no good.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is not in favor of expulsions or suspensions at school.

The group believes suspending or expelling a child from school should be their last resort and not a routine punishment for bullying, drug use or other infractions.

Researchers say if the parents are at work when a child is out of school more inappropriate behavior often occurs.

Also students who are suspended or expelled are more likely to never get a high school diploma, end up in the juvenile justice system or eventually land a low-paying job or no job at all.

Research shows the policies are not only targeting kids who are a danger to their peers but also students with a wide range of behavior issues.

This study appears in the online journal, Pediatrics.