Your Health: 3-14-13 Rob McHugh surviving ALS


A Saint Clair County man lives with a debilitating disease that doctors said --should have ended his life 10 years ago.

Rob Mchugh chose an alternative route to combat the life threatening disease.

This story explains how he's winning the battle against ALS.

{}Mchugh says, "Whether it's cancer, ALS, ms. There's another way. You don't have to die because the doctors tell you you're gonna die. "

In that case,{}Mchugh may have given up on life ten years ago when he received that grave report from four different doctors.

{}"He said you have als said we ruled out every other neuro disease . You need to get your affairs in order... Be sure your family is prepared because you won't make it passed 2005 . "

The husband, father and award-winning farmer was diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's disease in June 2003.

It's a neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscles.{}{}{} It started in his left hand.

{}{}Mchugh's wife, Angie heard about local herbalist, Rhonda Dial.

At the time, he couldn't move his arm.

Mchugh showed us how Dial would put an herb in his hand.

"She would hold my arm up . I don't know if she has done this to you but, she'd put an herb in my hand and she would pick herself off the floor with my arm. I couldn't believe it."

He didn't tell Dial what the doctors had told him, until afterwards.


Mchugh started taking ten herbs, two to three times a day, as Dial suggested. Herbs, Dial said his body needed.{} For seven years, he followed a natural regimen... Herbs, plus farm-fresh vegetables and family-farm-raised meat.

All the doctors told him once he loses something it's not coming back, meaning movement in your arms or hands, the muscles, the nerves won't regrow.

Things didn't get better overnight, but Mchugh says with prayer, faith and time some things do.

I have no grip in my left hand; but, I didn't have it in my right hand now my right hand is stronger than my left hand.

He also attributes his health improvements to food grade hydrogen peroxide two which is highlighted in this book written by the late Madison Cavanaugh.

{}Mchugh hasn't been back to a doctor's office since 2004 for anything.

{}He shows us his ''handwriting'' before taking the mixture.

{}The 39 year old struggles to do some things, many people take for granted, like walking from the living room to the kitchen; like adding three drops of hydrogen peroxide to 8 ounces of water and picking up the glass to drink the mixture.{}{}We give it a minute to take affect.

Mchugh is thankful for life's joys, sharing his farming skills with the community, a voice to encourage others, and time with family.

{}ALS has stolen from Mchugh one of life's special pleasures, between a father and son, throwing and catching ball.{}{}He says, his sons understand that dad is different. {} Different yet so inspiring.

{}{}Rob Mchugh{}writes his name again, and there is a difference. {} He writes faster and clearer.