Your Health: 4-12-13 Clergy stress

They have answered the call to serve god and others.

And for many clergy, they are on call 24- seven.

So, how do they handled the stress of it all?

The St. Vincent's Clergy Wellness Initiative is helping local clergy reach their health and wellness goals and that include dealing with stress.

Some participants agree many clergy are reluctant to admit to their congregations they are under stress.

{}Rev. Steve Jones, pastor at Southside Baptist Church, a clergy wellness participant says, "I find my colleagues we will not say very often oh man I'm stressed out because it looks like failure. So, this program has helped me to talk with other clergy about their stress levels and how we can take care of ourselves emotionally as well as physically and spiritually as well.

The 14 participants in the nine month St. Vincent's Clergy Wellness Initiative receive a fitness center membership, a personal trainer, a health coach, a weekly health tips email and monthly lunch and learn wellness programs.