Your Health: 4-19-13 Asthma and spring cleaning

It's the time of the year when we're doing a lot of spring cleaning; however, it can be a difficult time for people who have asthma.

Allergists say cleaning agents can be triggers for asthma.

They say the more particles in the air, the worse for your lungs.

One allergist says if you're cleaning and feel like your asthma has been triggered, leave the area because ignoring your symptoms could be trouble.

Dr. Sumita Khatri of Cleveland Clinic says, "What can happen that can propel into a much larger asthma attack because there are a lot of people in the efforts of spring cleaning end up hospitalized because of their efforts to clean."

The doctor also recommends it's important to have an "asthma action plan" somewhere in your home.

This way, if you encounter something that triggers an asthma attack, instructions will be there for you or a loved-one to follow in an emergency.