Your Health 5-14-13 Plan B pill appeal

{}{}{} The government wants to delay the over-the-counter sale of "Plan B" emergency contraception to girls of any age.{}{}{}{}{} The Obama administration filed an eleventh-hour appeal{} on Monday.{}{}{}{}{} Last month, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled that the so-called "morning after" pill be made available without a prescription.{}{} Korman denied a U.S. government request to put a hold on his order while the Obama administration readied an appeal on Friday.{}{}{}{} The Food and Drug Administration lowered the age limit for access to the emergency contraceptive from 17 to 15 years of age, but Korman believes that doesn't go far enough.{}{}{}{}{} In the appeal document, the government contends that Korman overstepped his authority. {}{}{} The Center for Reproductive Rights plan to answer the Obama administration's filing within 10 days.

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