Your Health 5-8-13 Weight loss & money

{}{}{}{}{} What would make you or obese people get serious about losing excess weight?{}{}{}{}{} A new study shows when a health insurer told obese people they could either pay 20 percent more for coverage or start exercising, most of them decided to get active.{}{}{}{}{}{} Researchers from the University of Michigan Health System and Stanford University conducted the study. {}{}{}{} They found more than 6,500 obese people insured by Blue Care Network enrolled in a{}pedometer-based program to obtain insurance discounts, and the majority met their fitness goals.{}{}{}{}{} After one year, nearly 97 percent of participants in the walking program had met or exceeded the average goal of 5,000 steps a day.{}{}{}{} For some families, the out-of-pocket cost of failing to meet the insurer's fitness requirements was nearly $2,000 more a year.