Your Health 6-20-13 Burning calories

The epidemic of convenience is now weighing on Americans and Alabamians are among the front runners in the obesity race.{} ABC 33/40's Linda Mays tells us burning more calories may mean turning back the clock.{} {}{}{}{}{} Like most healthy living and wellness enthusiasts Erin Brown doesn't like to hear excuses for people not making time to exercise regularly.{}{}{}{} She's the healthy lifestyles director and fitness expert at the Pelham YMCA.{}{}{}{} She wastes no time showing me how the resistance stretch band can be used no matter where you are or how you're dressed.{}{}Brown says, "People don't realize that you can do things in your weight room, in your hotel room, you can do things at other Y's cause its nation wide.{} I don't like excuses."{}{}{}{}{} An excuse is one of the biggest culprits that are contributing to America's growing waistlines.... Which are a symptoms of our modern lifestyle.{} {}{}{}{} But, what else is{} behind America's ...bigger behinds.{}{}{} Some advances and subtle changes in our lifestyles have contributed to weight gain.{}{}{} Scientists say there's a long-time link between the comforts and conveniences{} and the rising numbers on our scales.{}{}{}{} The remote control televisions, microwave ovens, dishwashers...{}{}{}{} Ok newer things we can relate to: smart phones, I-pads and digital readers .{}{}{}{}{} Brown says, "I think it is hindering us because we're not apt to get up and go walking around a bookstore we can get it on our kindle or we're not apt to go outside and see what the weather is really like we're gonna pull it up on our Iphone. {}{}{}{} But,{} turn back the clock, and you can burn countless calories.{}{}{}{} Believe it or not the countless daily choices we make{} affect out health physically and mentally.{}{}{}{} But, There's a way to burn 100 calories in as little as 10 minutes.{}{}{}{} According to the Journal, Science{} brisk walking 10 -15 min., dancing 20 min., gardening 30 min., biking 10 min.,{} standing 50 min. and housework 20-30 min.{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{} Put your mind to it... You can multi-task and burn calories at the same time.{}{}{} {}{} Brown says, "I do little games with myself when I'm at home I try to walk up down stairs x amount of times before I do something else or I'll be brushing my teeth and doing calf raises and things like that its finding little ways to be outside. When it's raining do laps around your house you'll find something to pick up you'll do house chores while you're doing that and you don't even realize it.{} And by half a day you're done.{}{} Those are examples of a NEAT way to burn countless calories.{}{}{}{} {}{} NEAT{} is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.{}{} Little movements, activities and tasks that burn calories and use energy during{}{} day to day activities including vacuuming the house, washing the car, and kissing your sweetie.{} {}{}{}{}{} According to Calorie count dot one hour, you burn 68 calories kissing, 400 calories riding your bike , 95 calories walking the dog, 320 calories playing with kids,{} 160 calories barbecuing and even chewing gum you burn eleven calories{} an hour.{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{} Collectively their impact on body fat can be significant.{}{}Brown says, "I walked around with a friend of mine at Walmart . Two laps outside of the aisles of a mile. We wore a pedometer. You didn't know that but see that's one of the things.{} You know you just have to find different ways of how to make your lifestyle healthier.{} So, I think if we can find ways around that {>}and start focusing back on our family time and personal time and time away from technology people will start to see their lifestyle change."{}{}{} The YMCA offers activities for children and adults there at the facility, as well as activities that can be done outside the facility,{} including at home.{} Think about other daily decisions that we may not think about which may contribute to our waistlines.1. Get some sleep. We're a sleep deprived culture -{} Americans are sleeping less and weighing more .Research shows obesity is linked to sleep deprivation.{} A lack of sleep leads to increased hunger and appetite.2.{} Choose not to smoke. However, some folks fear gaining weight when they stop smoking.{}{}{} Make it a 15 minute walk break, instead of a smoke break.3.{} Frequent dieting is a strong predictor of weight gain.{}{}{}{} Choose a lifestyle change... rather than a diet.