Your Health 6-5-13 Special needs costs

{}{}{}{} When{} money is tight many families make tough choices.{}{}{}{} A new study indicates the recent recession appears to have forced families to make tough choices about care for children with chronic physical or emotion problems..{}{}{}{} Researchers tracked out-of-pocket costs for families with private health insurance carriers from 2001 to 2009.{}{}{}{} They were particularly interested in spending for children with special health care needs.{}{}{}{} Children with asthma, depression, ADHD or a physical limitation would fit in this category. {}{}{}{} Adults cut spending on their own care by an average of $40 if they had children without chronic conditions. {}{}{}{} In families with special-needs kids, adults pared their own medical bills by an average of about $65 during each year of the recession.{}{}{}{} Spending on children with special health care needs fell even further, by about $73 each year of the recession.{}{}{}{} Nearly one in five children in the United States meets the criteria for having a special health care need. {}{}{}{}{} The study appears in the June issue of the journal, Health Affairs.