Your Health August 20, 2013 Behavior and soft drinks

{}{}{}{} Here's another reason why you may want to cut back on giving your child soft drinks.{}{}{}{} A new study suggest there may be a correlation between a child's behavior and the beverage they drink.{}{}{}{} Scientists found that{} 5-year-old children's scores on a standard measure of aggression tended to climb along with their soft drink intake.{}{} The study included nearly 3,000 urban families.{}{}{} Researchers say based on mothers' reports, kindergartners who downed four or more servings per day were particularly aggressive.{}{}{}{} They were twice as likely as other kids to get into fights or destroy property, and also displayed more attention problems than children who didn't drink soda.{}{}{}{}{} Experts stress that none of this proves that soda, itself, is at fault.{} But rather, it's a correlation.{}{}{}{} The findings appear in the Journal of Pediatrics.