Your Health: August 29, 2013 Untreated high blood pressure

One in three Americans has high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.{}{}{}{}{}{} A Tarrant woman's life-altering experience with high blood pressure is powerful proof, it must never go untreated.{}{}{}{} Fifty-five year old, Kathleen Clark Ojukwu felt really sick{} and was rushed{} to the hospital in May.{}{}{} Doctors diagnosed her with two failed kidneys which is linked to untreated hypertension.{}{}{}{} Now uninsured, single mother she must have a dialysis treatment to clean her blood for four hours, three times a week.{}{}{}{}{} Ojukwu has to have dialysis for the rest of her life or until she has a kidney transplant.{}{}{}{}{} Ojukwu says, "If anyone, if you know a kidney organization to donate to, do your donation so I can get my dialysis. I don't want to die. I probably can't live to be 107 as my grandmother, but I'd like to be pretty close." {}{}{}{}{}{} Organizations, like the Kidney Foundation offer support to patients battling kidney disease and undergoing dialysis.{}{}{}{}{}{} Ojukwu admits it comes after years of extreme stress, untreated hypertension and paying bills instead of buying her medication.