Your Health: August 30, 2013 New Tylenol warning

{}{}{} You will soon see a new warning on a popular pain reliever.{}{}{}{}{} Tylenol now plans to highlight a new warning alerting people about the potential for liver failure and even death. {}{}{}{}{}{}{} It will state that Tylenol's active ingredient is acetaminophen, the nation's leading cause of sudden liver failure.{}{}{}{}{} The warning will be highlighted on the cap of each new bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol starting in October, and on other Tylenol bottles in coming months. {}{}{}{}{} Tylenol's maker, Johnson & Johnson hope people who may not read the small print warnings will see this acetaminophen alert.{}{}{}{} Acetaminophen is contained in more than 600 over-the-counter products such as cold formulas, sinus pills and other pain tablets.{}{}{}{}{} U.S. health officials estimate overdoses from acetaminophen send up to 80,000 people to emergency rooms every year and at least 500 people die from acetaminophen overdoses.