Your Health: August 9, 2013 Overcoming school jitters

{}{}{}{}{} Some children may be excited about the first day of school, while others not so much.{}{}{}{} One child psychologist says younger children may be nervous about being away from mom and dad all day. {}{}{} While middle school students worry about homework and possibly changing classes for the first time. {}{}{}{} She says the best thing parents can do is to remain positive for children.{}{} Dr. Wendy Cunningham, Ph.D. of Cleveland Clinic says, "It's probably the biggest tip I give parents. Be sure you're managing your own anxiety about it because the kids really need us as the adults to be encouraging and show confidence that they can do it and it's going to be OK." {}{}{}{}{} Dr. Cunningham says it is also important for parents to share similar experiences they may had in school.