Your Health: December 23, 2013 Health risks while traveling

{}{}{}{}{}{} Health experts warn of health risks when traveling by plane, car or train over the holidays.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} One health risk is simply sitting for too long.{}{}{}{}{} Dr. Clayton Cowl, an expert in transportation medicine at Mayo Clinic, says, developing blood clots in the legs from sitting too long, becoming dehydrated from lack of fluid intake or drinking too much alcohol, and not walking much when delayed in an airport or train station can be serious.{}{}{}{}{}{} He suggests, if you're traveling by plane, be sure to stretch your legs. On trips longer than three hours, stand up and move around at least once.{} If you're in a car or plane, don't cross your legs while sitting for long periods, because this can hinder adequate blood circulation.{}{}{}{}{}{} Another concern, driving for hours after working a long day can be as equally worrisome due to fatigue and eyestrain.{}{}{}{}{}{} Dr. Cowl says, "A short nap can help relieve symptoms such as sore or irritated eyes, dry or watery eyes, double vision or blurriness, and increased sensitivity to light."