Your Health: February 11, 2014 Illness may be linked to Uncle Ben's rice

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating illnesses traced to Uncle Ben's Infused Rice products.{}{}{}{} Recent outbreaks of illness at schools in three states have prompted the recall of five-pound and 25-pound bags of Uncle Ben's Infused Rice products. {}{}{}{}{} The FDA says almost nearly forty people at three public schools in Katy, Texas Friday, experienced burning and itching rashes, headaches and nausea after eating Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Mexican Flavor.{}{}{}{} In December, twenty-five children in Illinois suffered similar skin reactions. {}{}{}{} In October, about three children in a North Dakota daycare and one college student had reactions to the Uncle Ben's products.{}{}{}{} Uncle Ben's ready-to-heat, boxed, bag and cup products sold at supermarkets and other retailers are not being recalled.{}{}{} The products are made by Mars Food services of Greenville, Miss.{}{}{}{} The recalled commercial-size rice products are typically distributed to schools, hospitals, restaurants and other institutional and commercial users.{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{} The FDA says, the products should not be used. {}{}{}{} The agency recommends, anyone who has eaten the product and experienced sickness should contact a physician.