Your Health: February 20, 2014 Anti Aging and Hair Loss Solutions


{}{}{}{} Just weeks away from Spring, we're all about ready to peel off the layers of clothing.{}{}{}{} ...get rid of the dry, flaky skin, wrinkles or fine lines {}{}{}{}{} ... even out skin discoloration...{}{}{}{} ...and look as good as we feel.{}{}{} Dermatologist, Dr. Stacy Haynes has some unique tools to help patients reach their desired look.. by restoring moisture in the skin. {}{}{}{} She uses oxygen and a stem cell serum treatment to help the skin maintain its collagen, the skins own natural filler. {}{} It's called an Oxygen Facial Treatment.{}{}Dr. Stacy Haynes says, "We take a layer of oxygen and coat the face with oxygen. A lot of people say it feels like I'm tickling the skin when we do it. It's just 100% then after that we have our different serums that we use. One of them we use for fine lines and wrinkles is the stem cell serum its the building block for cells and it gets the oxygen into the pores and it helps to stimulate the collagen, plump up the collagen and that's what works on the fine lines and wrinkles.""This one we're filling with the anti aging complex. It doesn't take much for what we are doing.{} I'm going to turn this on... and the first thing we do is use a little bit of oxygen," said Haynes.{}{}{} Dr. Haynes demonstrates on my neck how she uses an airbrush during an oxygen facial treatment.{}{}{} The airbrush delivers the Oxygen and an anti aging serum. I can barely feel it.{}Dr Haynes says, "So I got this area right here. Now this part is the spray part it actually comes out and looks like that. You can't see; but, it comes out as a spray and that's what we're going to do to you, the stem cell. This is the one to stimulate collagen.{} It feels wet and cool.{} {}{}{}{}{} After applying the serum on the face, another layer of oxygen covers the skin gently forcing the serum into the skin to plump up the collagen.{}{}{} "We not only are we putting that serum on and forcing into{} we are increasing the blood supply and the blood flow to the face. so when you get it done you're going to look.. if you're Caucasian, you'll look rosy. If you're African American, you'll look glowy. It's also doing really great things for the skin helping with moisture, fine lines and wrinkles depending on the serum and also discoloration, said Haynes.{} -Another anti-aging option is a dermal infusion .{}Haynes says, "To me it's a combination of micro-dermabrasion and micro-needling all combined into one.{}You're going to get some exfoliation of the skin, but we're also putting little miniature openings and that way we're infusing serums directly into the area."{}{}{} This machine is called the DermaFrac.{} It's a has a roller head with a lot of little fine needles and anti aging serums.{}{}{}{} "Serums for fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration dry skin things to plump up the collagen," adds Haynes.{}{}{}{}{}{} You can see the serum and hear the suction.{} The technician administers the DermaFrac.{} She says, "Micro needles are piercing the skin putting the serum into the skin and the suction is bringing it all back up, that's why turning pink."Linda Mays asks, What is it that you feel?{} The patient answers, "A little suction very mild suction."{}{} If your dry skin problem is actually your scalp and you're losing hair,{} there's an oxygen scalp treatment for that.{}{} Now this lady has an extreme case of hair loss. but after one treatment of oxygen and stem cellS serum.. two weeks ago.She's already seeing tremendous results.