Your Health: 3-8-13 Gel manicures

A warning now to women who get gel manicures.

Some experts call gel manicures a danger to your health.

Most women like these manicures because they last longer.

Researchers at New York University School of Medicine say, frequent gel manicures can cause nail thinning, brittleness, and peeling and cracking of the nail.

Study author, Dr. Chris Adigun also says women should know the{}UV light used to cure the gel is a risk for skin cancer.

Also, photo damage from the UV light can cause cosmetic changes in the skin surrounding the nails.

Adigun says, nails continually covered in polish hide any problems occurring under the nails.

She offers this advice:

Pay attention to your nails, allow them to regrow and repair.

Use a moisturizing product on your nails several times a day.

When removing the nail polish, soak only your nails in acetone, not your whole hand or fingers.

And if you notice any unusual changes, see a dermatologist.