Your Health: Gray hair stopper

The answer to getting rid of your gray may be found in a pill.If you could pop a pill to stop your gray strains would you?The bottle of promising pills called Gray Stopper is a dietary supplement to fight gray hair. It suggested you take two pills a day to stop the gray.It's packed with traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals, and 5000 IUs of the enzyme called Catalase.{} It's an enzyme that works with the color of the hair.{}Dermatologist, Dr. Stacy Haynes says, "What this does is blocks the enzyme and so when it does that it suppose to work on the gray.{} It doesn't prevent it it stops that reaction. You still may get some gray but it decreases a lot."

{}Dr. Haynes says, you want to start the Gray Stopper supplement when you first start getting the gray.{} She says she has clients as young as 30 who take the Gray Stopper supplement.Also, there's no guarantee who responds best with it.She says, If you're completely gray, head to the hair salon.