Your Health: High Heels Workout

What are the steps to bridging the gap between wishing you were in shape and actually getting in shape?Getting your cardio on with Zumba can be part of them.{} But wait a minute.{} You got to be equipped.{}{}{}{} Fitness trainer, Tiffany Moore, says the steps to a healthy action plan include high heels, weights and ...{}Moore says, " You have to build self discipline. You have to discipline yourself and get your mind prepared that you are about to start a program and you'll see results in two to three months."{}{}{}{}{} Just five simple but effective exercises of cardio and strength training can move your plan forward.{}Moore says, "Let's say 25 jumping jacks, 50 push ups and what we call mountain climbers. You add 20 of those. You can do those three times or three rounds and that's a good workout for you."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} But also include weights.{} Moore says, "Don't look at weights and be fearful because with weights you're burning more calories when you use weights. I have a six pound weight, most people starting off I recommend a five pound weight."{}{}{}{}{} ABC 33/40 reporter, Linda Mays asks, "When do you want to use weights? What exercises the arms for sure.{} Moore says, "You can incorporate it into your entire workout. If you want to use it for abs; you can use it for abs."{}{}{}{} Moore says the abs are made in the kitchen by sticking with a balance diet.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Whether your body type is an apple, or pear, hour glass or square, Moore shows us a mix of moves targeting each particular body shape.{}{}{}{} Moore's assistant, Marie, demonstrates the exercise movement called the burpee.{}{}Moore says, "This is a great way to help out with that cardio that we were talking about if you have that hour glass shape.{} It's going to get you tired quick but it's a great fat burning exercise."{}{}{}{}{}{} Mays adds "And you'll feel it too." {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} To minimize your thighs, strap on your high heel shoes.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Make sure it's a heel you're comfortable wearing. {}{}Moore says, "You want to squat down making sure your knees aren't going over your toes, 50 to 100 a each day." Of course with a higher heel you'll feel more of the burn.{} Moore says, "Because you're working your calf muscles, you're working the back of your legs, your bottom half and it's a great way to have something simple and easy just doing squats in heels. {} Moore says commit to working out at least three times a week and make your health a priority.{} She says, "Just make sure you surround yourself with people who love to workout, love to change their eating habits. It's not for one time it's for a lifestyle change."