Your Health July 19, 2013 First Aid kits

Along with summer comes...{} bites,{}{} burns,{} blisters, and bruises .{}{}{}{} These are just a few of the minor injuries that will have moms and dads especially grabbing the first aid kit.{} {} Dinkins says, "There are several things that you can have in the summer time to help you take care of the minor things that come up like cuts and bruises scrapes insect bites exposure to the sun, those types things 57 {}{}{}{} It's important to be equipped with first aid essentials and know how to properly care for a{} minor injury or simple emergency. {}{}{}{}{} Nurse,Cindy Dinkins of Children's of Alabama offers a few tips for children and adults.{}{} {}Dinkins says, "It's common in the south with all the rain to have insect of the newer recommendations is to apply aspirin topically.{}{} So, you would do that by melting down not a coated aspirin but a regular aspirin or using something like alkazetzer and apply that to a sting, a wasp sting or insect bite, like a mosquito bite and putting a bandage on it. And that helps take out the inflammation."{}{}Dinkins says also with a mosquito bite,{} apply hydrocortisone cream to decrease the inflammation and the itching.{}{} and if several bites, she recommends an oral dose of diphenhydramine, which is like benadryl.{} Dinkins says, "Also for cuts and scrapes its very simples because you're just gonna cleanse with soap and water apply thin coat of antibiotic ointment and a bandage, and just watch.{}{} And keep your eyes wide open.{} what may seem small... a minor cut, insect bite , scratch or small wound can become a major problem.{}{}{} it's infection that you want to avoid.{} Dinkins says, "One of the major concerns is secondary infection that sets in{} that's why you want to keep it clean keep it covered and apply the ointment but if you notice increase in redness increase in tenderness drainage from the wound those are all reasons to be seen by your physician. "Taking immediate action can help injuries heal faster and prevent infection. {}{}{}{} Whether grilling out,{} cooking,{} running hot water{} or curling your hair... Burns have to be carefully treated.{} Dinkins says, "On younger children the larger an area the more important that you get to an emergency facility.. But there are a lot of don't apply butter, you don't apply anything other than cool water don't put ice or plunge the hand in ice.. Just let cool water run across the burn. If there is a{} blister, do not pop that blister it provides a kind of protective covering for the skin that has been insulted underneath." Dinkins says if the blister pops cover it lightly. And{} depending on the severity you want to seek your doctors help.{}{} however, if its just redness of the skin then you can treat like a cut or scrape. {}{}{}{}{}{} Bandages, antibiotic cream, and an epi-pen to deal with allergic reactions are important items have in your first aid kit.{} but, also something you may not think of is tweezers. {}{}{}{} Just in case your bitten by a common summer pest...{} a tick.{} {} Dinkins says, "I know there are a lot of ideas out there about lighting a match and holding the hot tip of the match to it... Don't do that.{}{} Just get some tweezers remove the tick and watch for any signs of rashes or any increase in redness around the area.''