Your Health: July 5, 2013 Improve your memory and thinking skills

{}{}{}{}{} Looking for a simple way to improve your memory?{}{}{}{} A new study finds reading books, writing, and participating in other brain stimulating activities may help your memory.{}{}{} Rush University Medical Center researchers tested people's memory and thinking skills for nearly six years.{}{}{}{} Results show people who participated in mentally stimulating activities both early and late in life had a slower rate of memory decline.{}{}{}{} One doctor says the benefits are not only tied to books.{}{}{}{}{} Dr. Ronan Factora says, "There are other studies that look at leisure activities including learning a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, anything that is going to help to challenge your brain is probably going to provide benefit." {}{}{}{} The doctor also says anything that keeps your brain active is a good thing and it is never too late to participate in these activities.