Your Health: July 8, 2013 Sleep tips during summer

{}{}{}{} Are those extra daylight hours this summer throwing your sleep off?{}{}{}{} Experts say, yes!{}{} Longer daylight hours do contribute to sleep problems experienced by many Americans.{}{}{}{} The Loyola University Health System team offers tips on how to wind down, leave your worries behind and get a good night's sleep.

{}{}{}{} The tips include: {}{}{}{}{}{} Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Don't have any food and beverages for several hours before bedtime.{}{}{}{} Start quieting down and relaxing at least an hour before bedtime.{}{}{} Turn off handheld devices and remove them from the room.{}{}{}{} Darken the room and create a comfortable environment in terms of temperature, bedding, mattress and sleepwear.{}{}{}{} Make a list of worries, future errands and other things that are on your mind before you go to bed. {}{}{}{} This can help reduce anxiety, organize your thoughts and prepare you for sleep.{}{}{}{} Think twice about allowing pets to sleep with you.{} If they move in the night and make noise, they disturb sleep.{}{}{}{} Discuss good sleep strategies with your partner. You need their cooperation for your efforts to succeed.