Your Health October 10, 2013 Mental illness in children

{} Mental health issues among children couple with violent behavior... is a troubling issue.{} One local mother and daughter reveal their struggle which left them homeless for the last three years.{} ABC 33/40's Linda Mays has their story.{}{} Hans Hooks' was born premature at 31 weeks in 1993{}{}{}{} There were concerns about her brain development.{}{}{}{} There's been evidence of a chemical imbalance in her brain.{}{}{}{} Expectations of a bright future were dim.Hans had some neurological problems, they were never told to me at birth. It was just{} unusual behaviors I've never seen in what I call normal children, at eight months like tantrums, the way she used her hands, development, a lot of anger as a baby a little bitty baby.{}{}{}{} At{} age 19 Hans has accomplished a lot. {}{}{}{} She's an author of a series of books.{}{} She's interviewed award winning gospel music artists

{}{}{}{} Her celebrity interviews are posted online.{}{} Also She hosts an online talk show, and that's just a few of her achievements, so far.{}{}{} Look at her today, it appears nothing is wrong with Hans, as she's excelling in life,{} but her mother says, health wise, all is not well. {}{}{} As young as age two, Hans remembers doing some unusual things... like killing her fish, and talking about hurting people.

Hans' mother, Angie Hicks Hooks says, "We started taking her to see behavior counselor, neurological people that's when we discovered she was wired differently."{}{}{} They were also told some things she'd grow out of.{}{} Her mother says, "She was said to be ADHD, these were labels.{} She was said to be LD by first grade.{} She was not being accepted by society she didn't understand and I didn't understand."{}{}{}{}{} It was young Hans who researched the Autism spectrum disorder,{} Asperger's Syndrome.

Hans says, "I began to dissect it more. There's a condition that causes the brain to go into ruptured chaos. It can involve you hurting somebody. I think I may have a touch of that.{} Like my mom said earlier I{} always talked about hurting people but also although I talk about it{} I'm not crazy to do it."{}{} Doctors confirmed a chemical imbalance in her brain, but doctors didn't diagnose her with Aspergers.{}{}{} So, what triggered problems with social acceptance, depression, anger and unacceptable violent behaviors?{}{}{} Many answers are found in her journal which is published in book form.{}{}{} Hans say, "I taught myself to write".{}{}{}{} She says her anger stimulated from her absent father as explained book number three.{} He left before I hit one.{} He couldn't take it that I wouldn't be normal like other kids. I just developed this anger.. this rage.{}{}{} Hans mother chose to forgo medication.{}{}{} Hans was led to write a book attributed to a high school teacher.. {}{}{} It's called, 'And The Dummy Wrote A Book'.{}{}{} {}{} She was told she'd be 24 before graduation.{}Hans is now going to Jeff State Community College to get her GED facing her only challenge in school, math.{}{}{}{} Hans and her mother are a team in a lifelong fight against violent behavior and impaired mental health among children.{} That's why they're speaking out to educate others.{}{}How have I beaten the odds? With prayer, faith God and definitely my mom. Who said just because they labeled you that doesn't mean you have to be that we can turn that around and change it.

{}{}{}{} Hans devoted mother is a former educator.{} To pre-order Hans Hooks books and to learn more, go online to{}{}{}{} Researchers from the TeenScreen National Center for Mental Health Checkups at Columbia University say untreated mental illnesses can lead to school failure, drug or alcohol abuse, violence or suicide.{}{}{}{} The U.S. National Institute of Mental Health says, 50 percent of long term mental health disorders start by age 14.