Your Health October 8, 2013 Breast cancer awareness

Many of us know someone a mother,sister, friend who has had it.

According to the US Department ofHealth and Human Service Office on Women's Health, ''breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives.

{}It is the second-leading cancer killerof women in the United States, next to lung cancer.

Thanks to screening,breast cancer often can be found early, when the chance of successful treatmentis best. In fact, many women are even cured of the disease." {}

Octoberis Breast Cancer Awareness Monthhelp raise awareness of early detection benefits by spreading the word.The Office of Women's Health is sponsoring a deluxegift basket in support of BreastCancer Awareness Month.{}Enter your name to register for the gift basket give away by joiningthe HealthyWomen's Network. {}Clickhere to learn more about the Healthy Women's Network and to register. {}Alsolike us on facebook at AlabamaHealthy Women.