Your Health: Oxygen Scalp treatment offers hair growth

{}{}{}{}{}{}{} A patient is sitting in a chair with her back to our television camera.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} She removes her warm-brown-colored wig and a hair net that covers her bald scalp.{}{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} This woman is brave and mighty generous to reveal her extreme case of hair loss.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} This patient is actually undergoing an oxygen scalp treatment to regrow her hair.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Dermatologist, Dr. Stacy Haynes, MD says, "We put a layer of oxygen it opens up hair follicles." {}{}{}{}{} After first cleaning the scalp with alcohol, Dr. Haynes uses an airbrush device to apply pure oxygen to the scalp.{}{}{}{}{} Dr. Haynes shows how the oxygen gently comes out onto the scalp creating and releasing a slight dimple in the skin.{}{}{}{}{} The blowing oxygen feels like a feather sweeping across the back of my hand.{}{}{}{} A layer of oxygen on the patient's scalp is followed by the application of a stem cell serum to stimulate hair growth.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Dr. Haynes says, "This is the serum that's around the stem cells we're not actually using stem cells but the serum that has the same properties.{} It's the building block for hair follicles."{}{}{}{} Dr. Haynes says, "We just put drops in and massage it into the area."{}{}{}{} In just two weeks, this patient has seen a major difference.{}{}{}{} But Dr. Haynes says, "Not everyone sees these remarkable results when getting the oxygen scalp treatment in such little time.''{}{}{} Too many of men and women can relate to the damage-- thinning hair, hair loss or alopecia-- can have on your self confidence, image and relationships.{}{}{}{}{} This age 50-plus patient chooses not to show her face.{}{}{}{} She says, "It was thinning right there in the top like males I was hoping it would grow longer, take it from the left or right to cover it up. It was embarrassing sometimes.''{} {}{}{}{} Dr. Haynes tells me, Cicatricial Alopecia is common among African American women.{}{}{}{}{}{} {}{}{} Dr. Haynes says, "The Cicatricial is where it starts in the middle and it spreads out as to how you lose the hair.{} We usually associate with long term chronic use of products on hair, relaxers, colors pressing combs{} flat iron , blow drying."{} 14 year old, Semaj Hutchins, remembers the shame of hair loss.{} He was only 12.{}{}{} Hutchins says, "Going around school seeing kids look at me say hey he's got bald spots in your hair and everything.{}{} It was a big patch on top, then it was a big patch on the side and in the back."{} {}{}{}{} He shows us he still has some treatments to go.{}{}{}{} Dr. Haynes looks at Hutchins head and says, "Yes, this was his area."{}{}{}{}{} You can barely see the major bald spots; they're filling in.{}{}{}{} Hutchins says, "I feel more confidence in myself."{}{}{}{} Pictures of this Huntsville lady before the oxygen scalp treatment shows extreme hair loss across the front hairline and eventually completely.{}{}{}{} But, now, see how she has new hair growth and hope.{}{}{}{} After eight years of thinning, then seeing even a fine improvement, the 50-plus patient says it best.{}{} "It makes a woman feels complete like a newer tie it just makes you feel good."