Your Health September 6, 2013 Chronic Lyme Disease

LYME DISEASE IS A TICK-BORNE ILLNESS.{}{}{}{} THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION BELIEVE IT IS MORE WIDESPREAD THAN ONCE BELIEVED.{}{}{}{} THIRTY-THOUSAND CASES ARE REPORTED TO THE C-D-C EACH YEAR.{}{}{}{} A NEW STUDY REVEALS THE NUMBER COULD BE AS HIGH AS THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND CASES.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} LINDA MAYS TALKED WITH ONE LOCAL FAMILY WHERE FOUR OUT OF FIVE MEMBERS HAVE BATTLED THE DISEASE. Here's her story.{}{}{}{} IT'S TOUGH HOLDING A FAMILY TOGETHER WHEN FOUR OUT OF FIVE PEOPLE IN THE SAME FAMILY ARE FIGHTING A VERY "CLEVER DISEASE''.{}{}{}{} ---A DISEASE THAT WRECKS HAVOC ON YOUR HEALTH.{}{}{} HEADACHES , SEVERE ENDOMETRIOSIS, CRAMPING SYMPTOMS, BACK PAIN, VOMITING AND CONSTANT DIARRHEA... THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS EXPERIENCED BY MICHAEL AND BEVERLY RECTOR'S FAMILY.{} BEVERLY RECTOR SAYS, "IT PRESENTED AS LITTLE RED DOTS ALL OVER MY SKIN, UNDER THE SKIN DOTS LOOK LIKE BOILS."{}{}{}{} --- UNRAVELS YOUR LIFE. {}{}{} ---{} A DISEASE THAT KEEPS DOCTORS GUESSING.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} BEVERLY RECTOR, A FORMER NURSE AND ALL THREE OF THEIR DAUGHTERS HAVE BATTLED CHRONIC LYME DISEASE FOR YEARS .{}{}{}{}{} THE RECTORS BELIEVE THEY CONTRACTED THE BACTERIUM OR SPIROCHETE YEARS AGO WHILE CAMPING IN TEXAS. {}{}{}{} THE CULPRIT: TICKS INFECTED BY DEER.{}{}{} MICHAELA. NOW 29 REMEMBERS THE DEER RIGHT THERE AT THEIR CAMPSITE.{}{}BEVERLY RECTOR SAYS, : I think that's what happened to us. That we just got somewhere the tick had the lyme disease and we got bitten."{} {}{}{}{}{}{} TALITHA, NOW 31 WAS THE FIRST IN THE FAMILY TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH THE TICK-BORNE ILLNESS, AFTER A SERIES OF ODD SYMPTOMS FROM HEAD TO TOE.{}{}{}{}{} AT FIRST, TESTS REVEALED NOTHING{}{}{}{} Talitha says, "When I was at my sickest ..I would have like severe headaches and stomach nausea I couldn't even stand quiet cause my head hurt."Michaela Rector says, "The doctor pulled my mom aside and says I don't want to label her. I think she thinks she has all these things going on. But not test. nothing is really wrong wit her and we're sitting watching her on the floor because she can't stand straight. {}The mother says, "The day I took her out of John Hopkins she was sicker than when I took her in."{}{}{} TALITHA WAS DIAGNOSED WITH LD IN 2008 AND SUFFERED THROUGH IT FOUR YEARS.{}{}{} RELUCTANTLY SHE HAD TO GO ON DISABILITY. {}{}{} MOTIVATED TO DO HER OWN RESEARCH LED HER TO REALIZE SHE HAD HER OWN LYME SYMPTOMS WHICH HAVE SEVERELY CRIPPLED HER HEALTH AND HOSPITALIZED HER SEVERAL TIMES.{} {}{} {}{}{}{}{} THE RECTORS HAVE LEARNED THAT TREATING CHRONIC LYME DISEASE TAKES EXPERIENCE.{}{}{}{} EVENTUALLY THEY ALL FOUR WOMEN WERE DIAGNOSED.. WITH IT.{}{}{} A DIAGNOSIS MEANS YEARS OF OF PAIN, PILLS AND AND A TREATMENT OF ANTIBIOTICS CALLED PULSING TO FIGHT OFF THE DISEASE. {}{}{} {}{}{}{} THAT'S TAKING ONE PILL AND ADDING A PILL ON EACH WEEK, AS INSTRUCTED BY THE PHYSICIAN.{} {}MICHAELA SAYS, "The moment I start antibiotics my body goes crazy. Just like my sister, I get constant headaches. I spend three hours in the shower just trying to get relief."TALITHA NOW A PRACTICING PHYSICIAN AND HAS BEEN IN REMISSION ABOUT A YEAR.{} {}{}{}{} FAITH AND FAMILY ARE KEY IN PULLING THROUGH CHALLENGES IN THEIR LIVES.{}{} LIKE MOST PEOPLE, THEY HAVE THEIR GOOD AND BAD DAYS.{}{}{}{}{} BUT THE FAMILY JUST LEARNED THAT 24 YEAR OLD CARISSA'S FREEDOM FROM LYME SYMPTOMS{} AND FEELING ..NORMAL IS OVER.She's now back on meds.{}{}Carissa says, "It's pretty frustrating.{} You don't want to hear you have to go through it again."{}{} {}{}{}{} Untreated the lyme disease can spread to joints, the heart and nervous system.{}{}{}{} Beverly Rector says people fighting lyme disease should make sure the physician is a trained lyme literate medical doctor.{}{}{}{}{} Instead of cure, they use the term remission when they may not experience the symptoms.{} But theycan come back.{}{}{}{} One website, Rector recommends is

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