Zimmerman lawyer objects to letting jury consider third-degree murder

George Zimmerman's attorney strongly objected to a prosecution proposal that third-degree murder be included in the jury instructions.

Defense attorney Don West{}called the proposal "outrageous" on Thursday.{}{}The proposal is premised on the idea that Zimmerman committed child abuse since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was underage when he was fatally shot.

Judge Debra Nelson did not immediately rule on the proposal.{}{}

She did, however, agree with the prosecution that jurors could consider manslaughter as a lesser charge.{} West said he wanted the six jurors to only consider the second-degree murder charge or not guilty.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday afternoon.{}{}Each side will get three hours.{} After the defense closing, prosecutors will have a chance for a rebuttal. The case should go to the jury some time Friday.

Zimmerman{}pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. He claims he shot Martin in self-defense last year.


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