Calhoun County students go back to school in brand new buses

New buses for Calhoun County schools

This year Calhoun County schools are starting with 35 brand new school buses. Each one of the buses comes with special features aimed at making the trip to and from school more comfortable.

The most noticeable feature for students and drivers is the air condition and also a speaker system, both inside and outside of the bus.

According to Calhoun County Schools Transportation Director Dr. Banyon Allison, there are also some important safety features with this new fleet.

He told ABC 33/40 that includes electric doors and a camera system.

The camera system is inside and outside for student safety reasons and to catch those drivers who are passing buses illegally.

"It's all about student safety...especially the illegal passing because we get that a lot," said Dr. Allison. "Right now it's very difficult to prosecute but when you have them on film, they say the eye in the sky doesn't lie."

The County's bus drivers are also excited about the new buses.

"Definitely for safety. A lot of cars pass our stop signs," said Alicia Ford. "I think also these days you just don't know. I think it's great you feel protected and you feel safety for the children."

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