#3340BTS: Classes begin in St. Clair County

Teachers at Odenville Elementary School escort children to their classrooms before the first day of classes Wednesday. (Stephen Quinn |

Each summer as the school year draws to a close, the faculty at Odenville Elementary begin to focus on the fall and the door that will open on the next class of incoming kindergartners. On Wednesday that day arrived.

Most parents chose to skip the bus and drive their children to their first day of class. It is an emotional day for both parents and teachers. “I cry every year. Every year I meet my parents and I cry because it is totally different once you’re a parent and it’s so much fun it’s rewarding. As a parent you know letting your child go and not being with them all day long, that’s just heartbreaking,” said Carla Roberson.

Roberson has spent the last eight years as a kindergarten teacher at Odenville Elementary. She says during the year she regularly spends more time in the classroom than at home with her own children. “We love them and they have a whole little part of our family and our heart and every year at the beginning we cry for the parents but at the end of graduation we cry because they’re leaving.”

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