Summer camp prepares students for daily routine at Williams Intermediate School

Students enter Williams Intermediate School for the first day of classes Monday. 650 students from across Pell City attend the school. (Alan Baker |

Monday was a day of firsts for the incoming 5th graders at Williams Intermediate School in Pell City.

The 650 students at the school come from each of Pell City's four elementary schools. It will be the first time they will not spend their entire day in the same classroom. “I’m scared about this new school because I’m not going to be in the same class with all my friends. It’s going to be like different,” said incoming 5th grader Reagan Tarver.

Tarver and her classmates were given a chance this summer to prepare for this day thanks to Camp Williams. The annual camp allows the incoming students a chance to see their new school and meet their new classmates through ice-breaking exercises.

It is the first time the students will have lockers or be responsible for changing classes. Students at the camp were taught how to open the combination to their lockers. A task which took a few tries for most to perfect. “I don’t want a bottom locker though. I don’t...I just don’t know want to bend down and get my books and stuff," said Tarver.

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