Tuscaloosa County School System pushes bus safety as first day of school begins

Tuscaloosa County School System pushes bus safety as first day of school begins

Thursday marks the first day of class for students in Tuscaloosa County.

Thousands of students will be walking through school doors in both the Tuscaloosa City and County School Systems.

More than 18,000 students are getting ready to head back to class Thursday morning in the Tuscaloosa County School System alone, more than half of those students will ride the bus to school.

The Tuscaloosa County School system is reminding parents of a few things to make the bus route and ride more enjoyable and as safe as possible.

County school system bus drivers ask that parents or guardians have each child at the bus stop five minutes prior to when the bus is expected to arrive and to stand on a side walk or curb about 10 feet away from the bus as it approaches the stop.

It is also important to wait for the bus driver to motion the kids onto the bus.

Bus drivers also remind those of you who will be out on the road driving to obey the law and stop behind a school bus when you see the flashing lights and stop sign extended

“Kids are crossing the street, you may or may not see them, and if you're trying to go, you're putting the children’s lives as risk in running that stop sign. Just obey the stop sign and stop and let us pick up the kids, get them loaded, and have some patience to make sure we're loaded and every body's safe,” said Jordan Mason, a bus driver for Tuscaloosa County Schools.

If you have questions about your child’s bus route you can visit the Tuscaloosa County School Website.

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