Johnny Depp’s Ex-Managers Allege Actor Spent Millions in ‘Hush Money’

Johnny Depp performs with the super group Hollywood Vampires at Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden. May 2016 (WENN)

Johnny Depp’s former managers have alleged the actor spent millions of dollars in "hush money" on secret legal settlements.

In Jan. 17, the Pirates of the Caribbean star sued his former advisers Joel and Robert Mandel and their The Management Group (TMG) company, alleging fraud and negligence and demanding $25 million in damages.

Lawyers for the company have now amended a countersuit against the actor, adding that in addition to living a lavish lifestyle, Johnny spent millions bailing himself out of legal trouble.

According to editors at the New York Daily News, the amended filing states the 53-year-old actor paid huge sums, "to bail him out of numerous legal crises including making a series of hush-money settlements."

The complaint also alleges he paid a hefty fee to a sound engineer who fed “him lines during film production.”

Lawyers for TMG claimed Depp's decision to challenge their fees and expenses would force them to reveal the alleged settlements in court. They also requested the actor face a mental examination to determine whether he suffers from a compulsive spending disorder.

Depp alleges that after hiring new representatives he discovered TMG managers had failed to pay his taxes on time, collected $28 million in improper fees, and loaned out his money without authorization.

Responding to the new claims, the actor's lawyer accused his ex-managers of trying to destroy his career.

"This is how guilty people respond when confronted with the detailed results of a nine-month legal investigation and forensic audit conducted by four firms,” Depp's lawyer stated.

The company's countersuit already detailed the star's spending, alleging his lifestyle cost him $2 million per month, with his outgoings including the $3 million he spent on blasting the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon.

Depp spoke out about the case for the first time last month April 17 and denied his spending habits were responsible for his financial woes.

"It's my money. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it's my thing," he told The Wall Street Journal.

TMG executives are seeking a minimum of $560,000 in damages and demanding a formal declaration that the actor "is responsible for his own financial waste."

Johnny's new legal wrangle comes after he went through a costly divorce settlement last year, paying $7 million to finalize his split from actress Amber Heard.

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