"Help save our school"...111 yr old Catholic School in danger of closing

Catholic school children

It's a tall order: roughly $150,000 needed to keep a local Catholic school open next school year. It's a challenge that the new principal at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is taking head on. Catholic school enrollment is around two million nationwide. That's down from five million in the sixties. A number are struggling to stay afloat financially.

At Our Lady of Fatima you'll find small classes, lots of individual attention and Christian values. Principal Al Logan says it's all a recipe for success for these youngsters. "The kids here really touch my heart," says Logan.

But now the future of this 111 year old school is very much on everyone's mind. Logan, a long time educator, was asked to take over as principal this school year. His own children went to school here. "It was just like family...being principal breaks my heart to see the school in this state," explains Logan.

He says we're in danger of losing so much history with this school which is the only black Catholic school in Birmingham. With just over 60 students, he's working to dig out of a financial hole.

Thursday he meets with the Bishop to talk about fundraising. They hope to get enough money to offer scholarships to supplement tuition from parents of the K-5 students. Doubling enrollment would go a long way toward saving the school.

He hopes alumni of the school will come to their rescue with donations while they build enrollment and work on fundraising plans.

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