Patient says she spent $3,700 on dentures that don't fit

Dental billing dispute

Lynda Trammell says ever since she got her new dentures there have been problems. They don't fit; she can only eat soft food. "I called you to find out what to do to get this resolved," says Trammell. She says after several visits to Aspen Dental in Trussville, she still can't wear the dentures.

The dentist suggested surgery to anchor them in. But after spending $3,700, Trammell says she can't spend another $700-$800. Fighting For You reached out to Aspen Dental Corporate offices and got a quick response from a representative who said the issue was a priority to resolve. The company has offered some of Trammell's money back.

Some other options: Trammell can file a dispute with her credit card company. Customer service helps negotiate resolutions on the card-holder's behalf.

We also checked with attorney Edward Merrell. He advised her to get a second opinion. Trammell did and says she was given a less expensive option. Merrell says that can be used in a debt dispute should this go to collections.

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