Fix-A-Leak Week: Free toilet flappers & home inspections from BWWB

Free services from BWWB

If you are still struggling with high water bills, don't miss this opportunity to find out if a leak is to blame. The Birmingham Water Works Board is giving away toilet flappers at its payment center as part of Fix-A-Leak week. (March 20-24) Leaks lead to one trillion gallons of wasted water at homes across the country. Often a leaky toilet is to blame.

Replacing the flapper every year on your toilets is an easy and inexpensive way to stop the waste. "Just by changing the toilet flapper on a routine basis you can save ten percent on your bill. They wear out quickly and can lead to a high water bill," explains Rick Jackson with Birmingham Water Works. He tells ABC3340 News the billing snafus the past several months caused by computer glitches have been corrected. So going forward if your usage is higher than it should be, you may have a leak.

Also this week you can sign up to have a Birmingham Water Works technician inspect your home free of charge for leaks. You must sign up by Friday.

Call Customer Service to set up an appointment: 205-244-4000

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