Free tax filing help through United Way program

Save money on tax filing

Carol Calhoun has taken advantage of the United Way's free tax filing program for several years. "Love the price. When you're on a fixed income free helps a lot," explains Calhoun.

Tax return preparers helped her find deductions such as mileage for the charities she volunteers for. She says it's quick and easy with online scheduling of appointments.

Who's eligible? "We have a really broad audience, those making up to $54,000 are potentially eligible," says Judy Allen, Director Volunteer Tax Assistance Program for United Way. The services are free whether you need one form or 30!

They work to find all those deductions and credits you're eligible for such as: tuition and book fees, childcare costs, child tax credits and more. There's not a lot new this year in the tax laws. But do be on the lookout for the 1095A form which shows what you paid in health insurance. That needs to be included in your filing.

Some other things to be on your radar: refunds will be delayed for those claiming the earned income tax credit or additional child tax credit. That's to give the IRS more time to catch fraud.

Some may get an additional W-2 verification code. The penalty for not having health insurance is going up. The deadline to file is a bit longer, April 18th.

To find out more about United Way's Free Tax Prep call:

2-1-1 or 1-888-421-1266

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