Guilty plea in murder of Vincent teenager by ex-boyfriend

Bunner court plea

A guilty plea in a Clay County murder case. Loren bunner admitting to killing his ex-girlfriend 18 year old Jolee Callan. Judge Simpson sentenced Bunner to 52 years in prison, the mid-range for the sentencing guidelines.

He was escorted out of the courthouse in handcuffs with a bulletproof vest on. Extra security was at the courthouse due to the high profile nature of the case.

Bunner had been free on bond up until today's guilty plea and sentencing. "To know he walked around two years with no consequenses," remarked Joan Brannon who is Jolee Callans grandmother.

Bunner shot callan in the back of the head and between the eyes, then threw her body off a cliff at Mount Cheaha in august of 2015.

"She was a sweet, sweet girl. I think she's smiling today," said Callan's father, Michael after the sentencing. He says if it were up to him, Bunner would have gotten the electric chair or life in prison without parole but he is satisfied with the sentence given.

In court Bunner said little answering yes to the judge's questioning about whether he understood the guilty plea. He showed no emotion. On 911 tapes played in court, Bunner is heard in a calm voice telling dispatchers he murdered his ex girlfriend and wanted to turn himself in. Later he alleged the two had a suicide pact. Investigators found no evidence of that instead that Bunner felt if he couldn't have Callan nobody would.

Prosecutors say he convinced Callan to take a hike with him on the day she was killed. He even took photos of her on top of the trail before he shot her from behind.

Last year, the Callan family contacted Fighting For You outraged Bunner who was nearly 21 at the time of the murder was granted youthful offender status. At most he would be facing three years in jail. After media attention and an appeal to a higher court, he was back in adult court. "It's been a long long fight and without ya'll I don't know where I'd be and all those that stepped up to help; it changed something," remarked Callan.

Bunner's attorney had asked for a twenty year sentence, saying there was evidence his client suffered from a mental illness and had no prior criminal history. Bunner will be up for parole in fifteen years.

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