How to file a property valuation protest


Jefferson County real estate valuation notices went out in the past month. If you got one of those yellow cards in the mail, you have a week left to file a protest. They have to be in by July 3, 2017.

As the housing sector makes a turn around with more building, buying and selling real estate values are up. In Jefferson County about 76,000 people got notices of an increase in property value. That also means means higher property tax bills to come in October.

Values are set every year by a mass appraisal. County workers do a drive by of properties to come up with a value. Recent sales of property in your area are also factored in.

If you don't agree with the value the county comes up with, you can file a protest. It's a simple process. Download a protest form off the county website and either mail it in or drop it by the Jefferson County Board of Equalization office in the courthouse.

An appointment is set for a hearing officer to look at your evidence which may include photos, receipts or estimates for work on your home, appraisals or information from a real estate agent. If you are not satisfied with the hearing officer's ruling you can request a hearing before the three member Board of Equalization.

Only property owners whose values went up, get one of the yellow cards.

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