Thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs... lawsuit blames faulty pipes.

Repairs mounting for water leaks

Thousands of dollars in damages from water leaks over and over again at Lisa Williams home in Shelby County. She called Fighting For You saying she's at a loss over what to do now.

We found a class action lawsuit in the works which blames NIBCO pipes. It alleges thousands more homes may be at risk. Williams says a plumber told her it's going to take eight to ten thousand dollars to re-pipe her entire home to stop the leaks. Her house is just seven years old..

She has thirteen repair bills totaling $4,900 dollars already at her house in Calera's Kennsington Place neighborhood. "The rugs get absolutely soaked. The dry wall melted because the water coming out is so hot," explains Williams.

She's given up having the walls patched fearing they will just have to be cut open again for repairs. It's been a huge stress. "I'm mad, upset to go through this and my mother has to go through this with me living here," says Williams.

She says plumbers blame the NIBCO pipes in her home which they claim deteriorate and leak over time. Williams asked the subdivision builder D.R. Horton to reimburse her repair costs.

Customer service responded: "The warranty for plumbing pipes is two years..." and "D.R. Horton must have the opportunity to inspect the condition of your home and perform their obligations."

Since an outside contractor did the work, Williams was told she won't be reimbursed. She tells Fighting For You she needed the repair work done quickly because her elderly mother lives with her.

ABC3340 found a pending class action lawsuit against NIBCO. "Several hundred thousand homes are impacted largely in the Southeast including Alabama, Georgia and Texas," explains Attorney Kyle Shamberg. He says the pex tubing with the numbers 1006 on them was used in homes built from 2006- 2012. "Even people who haven't had problems are likely to see it in the future," says Shamberg.

We contacted NIBCO for comment. An attorney for the manufacturer sent us this response: "NIBCO will not comment on a pending litigation matter."

Williams plans to look into joining the lawsuit, but for now will have to dip into her savings to cover repair costs.

If you have any damages from these pipes attorneys advise you to take pictures and video of any repairs and keep receipts. Always report issues like this to your builder and give the manufacturer a chance to fix any problems. Put your issue in writing. Always check your warranty carefully to see what's covered.

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